Same Destination, Different Paths

coaching education journey May 24, 2019

My wife and I took up hiking a few times a week. We walk the same path. Side by side or one behind the other. We tend to stay on the same path.

Every once in a while there will be a deviation from our path. My brain works like water and is always looking for the most efficient route. I calculate, I draw from experience, and apply things I have learned.

I think, "Some expert hiker took this path or it would not be there. It may not be the normal route and that is okay by me if I have done my homework during the walk and think this will simplify the journey."

Those are the moments I will take a different path.

On her path, my wife might climb over a few boulders, duck under a large tree branch, hop across a small stream. Her path has obstacles, possible pitfalls, and is arduous. It's still a great path and it gets her to the destination.

I slip along this "new" path away from the boulder, around the tree, and beyond the stream. I save my breath and energy. My path...

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