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Bestselling Author | TED Speaker | Educator | Optimum Performance Specialist
Drawing on his expertise in sports psychology, early childhood development, and three decades of professional coaching, Coach Reed Maltbie has built an illustrious career centered on cultivating peak performance and inspiring transformative leadership. Known for his unwavering commitment to empowering individuals and creating optimal environments, Coach Reed's impact spans across the globe.
Coach Reed has collaborated with a diverse range of organizations and sports, including sailing, soccer, lacrosse, swimming, basketball, and golf, among others. As a globally recognized authority, he is highly sought-after as an educator and advisor, having lent his expertise to esteemed institutions such as the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee, US Lacrosse, US Youth Soccer, USA Swimming, USA Hockey, PGA Canada, Gaelic Games Association, Sport New Zealand, US Sailing, Canada Soccer, and numerous other governing bodies, universities, schools, and sports organizations.
Beyond his engaging virtual and in-person keynotes and workshops, Coach Reed is a prolific writer and a frequent guest on radio shows and podcasts. His valuable insights have been featured on prominent media platforms, including CNN, ESPN, ESPN Radio, Huffington Post, NBC SportsEngine, SiriusXM FC Radio, and various reputable news sources.
In April, Coach Reed released his highly anticipated debut solo book, "The Spartan Mindset: Mastering the Language of Excellence." This instant international bestseller, acclaimed in five countries, delves deeply into the profound impact of language on performance. It is an essential read for individuals striving to become more effective and supportive communicators within high-pressure, competitive environments.
Coach Reed's compelling TEDx talk from 2015, titled "Echoes Beyond the Game," has become essential viewing in licensing programs, classrooms, and sports organizations alike. His unwavering dedication to developing leaders who transform lives remains a driving force in his work.
Presently, Coach Reed focuses on guiding individuals and organizations in the realms of Entrepreneurship, Start-ups, Small Businesses, and the Corporate world. His expertise lies in unlocking excellence by optimizing effective learning, language, and leadership skills.
For more information about Coach Reed and his transformative work, please visit CoachReed.com. His book is available at leading book retailers worldwide.

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