How Coaches Can Create Impact Beyond the Game

The is the second in a series of collaborative writing pieces I am doing with Erica Suter. Our first was published on her site here:
Erica is a rock star and prolific writer. Find out more about Erica at the end of this article.

The Remarkable Link Between Sparta and Instagram

What do Sparta and Instagram have in common and how can it help you become a better coach? An ancient warrior state known for their bellicose nature and simple lifestyle has nothing in common with a picture sharing app with “hearts” and luxurious photographs plastering the timeline. Battles and photos have little to do with coaching. Or do they?

The two share one very important thing that is applicable to your career. Both knew the vital importance of minimum viable impact. In the startup world the concept of minimum viable product has to do with developing a product with the least amount of features that...

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