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I help High-Excellence, Resilience-Optimized (HERO) leaders forge a Spartan Mindset to achieve Everyday Excellence.
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What do I deliver?

Keynotes | Think Tanks | Workshops | Coaching

I focus on how Learning, Language, and Leadership influence performance.

About Coach Reed

I've spent my life studying the most effective language, learning, and leadership traits required to succeed in every facet of sport and life.
Now, I'm passionate about sharing my findings to help others achieve Everyday Excellence, personally and for those they lead, and it all starts with forging The Spartan Mindset.


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Clients Include

I've had the privilege of working with some amazing groups over the years. Together, my clients and I have created custom coach development programs, engaging keynotes, and interactive workshops from scratch. I don't like cookie cutter solutions to such a personal and unique concept as excellence. The focus was on easily understandable training methods, implementable solutions, and sustainable processes.

"Energizing, Engaging, Authentic, Passionate, I love hearing him speak!"


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"He's one of the best we've had at our Annual Summit"

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On Chasing Excellence

Recent thoughts on the never ending journey to excellence.

"Just Wow! He is the best speaker I've seen in 15 years of coming to the [NSCAA] Convention!"


Contact me today to book a workshop, training seminar, or keynote speech.



"Coach Reed is a master at delivering the message - he is captivating, interesting and simply a delight to listen to and most importantly, learn from. CAHA highly recommends Coach Reed!!"

Randy Kanai
President, Colorado Amateur Hockey Association

"Reed does an excellent job of understanding the dynamics of our organization, of which made his content is always poignant and relevant. He displays an in-depth grasp of the marriage between early childhood education, character development, and children's fitness. This is evidenced by the on-field and in-lab stories he shares, and the strategies recommended around how to engage children, based upon their developmental needs. He also has crafted custom go-to tools that simplify large development concepts into easy-to-use takeaways and tips for our teams nationwide. All in all, he does an excellent job of taking our audience from one place at the beginning of the presentation to a desired place of challenge, clarity (and bit of paradigm shift for many) by the end of the presentation. Reed does a stellar job! "

James Evans
Soccer Shots Bay Area

"He inspired our state association and gave them the push they needed to take their beliefs to the next level and left them with a greater perspective on the entire aspect of youth sports. He did his research on the industry and also delivered hands-on tactics our members could take home and implement right away. Afterwards, he stayed behind to make sure he met with every attendee one-on-one who had questions. He was easy to work with and received extremely high praise from everyone who heard his "echoes". Coach Reed would be a huge asset to ANY group who is looking for an amazing, one-of-a-kind speaker. Your ability to connect to a variety of personalities, cultures, and ages is a true gift!"

David Marlowe
Vermont Athletic Directors Association

"It turns out that Reed’s ability to connect to our membership and our needs was so well received, that Nebraska State Soccer decided to partner with him in future programming...Reed has had an amazing ability to speak to a wide variety of our membership and yet with each and every member, he has been able to speak to their level, to their needs and to offer realistic solutions each and every time. From our most serious competitive clubs, through recreational level programs and inner-city police department programs, Reed has been successful in every connection. Nebraska State Soccer is proud to continue to work with Reed Maltbie and cannot recommend him enough!"

Casey Mann
Executive Director, Nebraska State Soccer

"Coach Reed has been a “friend” of Soccer Shots for some time. From the time I met him at a meeting in California, it was obvious that he “got” us. This year, Reed delivered a keynote presentation at our National Convention. It was immediately obvious that he had invested significant time to prepare, even incorporating messaging from earlier presentations. His style is a rare blend of authentic/genuine, yet professional and polished. The room was fully engaged and listening to every word. As a brand, when we bring in “outside” presenters, we realize we are taking a risk, as we don’t have total control over the message. With Reed, there was no need to worry. He had taken the time to understand us and delivered a presentation that was 100% on-brand. We are excited to continue to work with Coach Reed, and we appreciate the expertise he brings.”"

Matt Kurowski
COO, Soccer Shots Franchising

"Coach Reed's "Warriors Not Winners" presentation at the 2018 Sailing Leadership Forum, US Sailing's biennial leadership conference, was an absolute home run. He engaged the packed room with energy, stories, and a strong message. Parents, coaches, program leaders, and volunteers were all hanging on his next point, and many people stuck around after his presentation to ask questions and share their own experiences. Sailing, like many youth sports, faces challenges of early specialization and emphasis on performance, and Coach Reed helped us further our goals of promoting long term development and positive youth experiences. We're excited to welcome him back!"

John Pearce
CEO, US Sailing

"We had Reed speak at our annual convention, a group of about 300 people consisting of Soccer Shots franchisees, their key team members and our corporate staff. Reed’s presentation was spot-on. His content was applicable and educational. His delivery was high-energy and engaging throughout his time on stage. Reed has an uncanny ability to tell relevant, funny, heart-warming stories that connect with audiences and make his presentation memorable. Of all our general session speakers, our attendees ranked Reed #1. I’d highly recommend him as a presenter."

Justin Bredeman
CEO, Soccer Shots Franchising

"Working with Coach Reed for the 2019 Convention was a wonderful experience. He was passionate about bringing his “A” game to the Soccer Shots attendees and did not disappoint in his delivery. His keynote was incredibly well received, and his enthusiasm and excitement were contagious among those in attendance. Additionally, Reed conducted a breakout session for attendees, where he further discussed strategies and broke down several important tools to use on the field. During this time, individuals had the chance to ask questions, work in small groups, role play, and share stories with Coach Reed. We appreciated his time and commitment, and we look forward to continuing work with Coach Reed! "

Katy Slater

"His passion was evident throughout the talk. He had a well thought out progression and some excellent perspective. I wish all our coaches could have attended. "

US Lacrosse LaxCon Attendee

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