Want to use this "Timeout" to Get #BetterTogether?

Over the next few months I am releasing 3 decades of experience, research, knowledge, and content FREE because I believe the only way we make the best of this difficult time is to commit to get #BetterTogether.

Join me. Let's Get #BetterTogether

Live Share Archive

Access to nearly 50 Live Shares covering controversial topics in sports.

New Courses Monthly

Monthly Courses on Pedagogy, Communication, Culture, Coaching, and more.


Weekly Mastermind / Mentorship LIVE with me.You choose the topics.

Keynote Archive

An archive of keynotes, workshops, and presentations I have done over the years.

Coach Dev Series

A series of videos for New, Returning, and High Performance Coaches.


Access to past and future webinar recordings to watch at your own pace.

Warriors Not Winners

My most requested workshop and most successful course the last 3 years.

Transformation Coach

Covering Jean Cote, Positive Discipline, and much more to create better relationships.

"Dad, what can a strong leader do right now."

My son wanted to be a strong leader for his friends during this crisis. The only answer I had was, "roll up the sleeves, come alongside your teammates, and give more than you take." 

I decided it might be best to show him. Which is why I created this portal. Let's roll up our sleeves, work alongside each other, and get #BetterTogether

I also believe that real leaders should serve their team. I don't want anything from you during this challenging time. I just want to serve. Maybe my son will think I am cool now!


You Have Nothing to Lose

You only have a whole lot to gain. The more of us doing this together, the better the learning journey. Let's prepare now for when this crisis ends and guarantee our kids a Better World. #BetterTogether

My Content Creation - Your Learning Journey

That's how we get #BetterTogether

This is all about you. Your learning journey is very different than mine. I cannot try to fit you into how I did it. It is not a cut and paste Mentor program, or a predetermined curriculum. You tell me what you need and I will create the content. That's how we should coach, it's how we should learn.

I will be creating courses and providing the content to the Mastery Moments, the New Courses, Webinars, and Mentor calls based on your feedback. I have no clue what we will study during our time together because I don't know what you need yet.

This is Coaching. You work with the people in front of you, in the moment, on the things that matter to them.

This is all about US. Together. Building a Better World. 

Because we are #BetterTogether


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