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Your Learning Journey
Your Personal Path
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Imagine your own Personal Wellness Coach to be at peak condition for coaching.
Imagine your own "Director of Coaching Education" to hone your craft for excellence.
Imagine your own Career Mentor to ensure you map and follow the best possible path. Welcome to REALM - Changing the Way We Develop Those Who Develop Our Children

Key Features of REALM Membership

A Mentorship and Mastermind designed to maximize your learning journey.

Personal Video Evaluation

See yourself coach with an expert to hone your craft.

Monthly 1 on 1 Mentor Calls

Your journey, your issues, your needs addressed with your mentor.

Monthly REALM Mastermind

Mastermind with others coaches on their Learning Journey.

Private Facebook Group

Access to a Private Facebook Mastery Group for continued learning.

Expert Webinars

Monthly webinars with the World's leading experts on relevant topics.

PD Tools For Coaches

Complimentary deck of the Positive Discipline Tools for Coaches Cards.

Ready to Apply?

Our Clients

Here is a small sampling of organizations who have worked with Coach Reed and Coach Gunny over the years with great success!

Why is the REALM right for you?

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What we do | The 18 Core Competencies | The 3 Excellence Domains


FAQs: Why Join the REALM?

If you have questions, this is the place to look.

  1. A 2-Week "Launch" process where you are held accountable for reaching goals for your key core competencies of excellence. You will check in daily with Gunny or Reed to track progress, get advice, and keep momentum.
  2. Monthly Mentorship with Coach Reed and Craig Gunny as well as Masterminding with other coaches
  3. Access to coaches from all experience levels, varied sports, different regions to ensure real learning for all participants
  4. Self-paced learning, webinars, zoom calls, video analysis, and forums to help you direct your own learning, promote interactivity, and provide accountability.

Your membership gives you all the tools and resources you need to develop your own learning journey and become the very best coach possible. 

This includes:

  • Monthly of access to Coach Reed, Coach Gunny and all the other member coaches
  • Personal video analysis of you coaching in training and in games. This will include a follow-up conference call with Coach Reed or Coach Gunny
  • Monthly 1 hour one on one phone calls with Coach Reed and Coach Gunny to be used in any way you wish. Need to work out some team issues? Not a problem. Want to better engage parents? Not a problem. Need help with some sport psyche methods? Still not a problem. Consider Coach Reed your secret weapon to success on these calls
  • Monthly 1 hour "team meetings" with the other coaches in your cohort of learners. The coaches will be hand picked based on sport, level of coaching, experience, and more to create a diverse mix of perspectives and knowledge bases. This will ensure you all can properly Mastermind with each other
  • Monthly 1 hour Mastermind call with the entire Mentormind group (there will be concurrent cohorts working through the 12 months and this will provide us an opportunity to share across all cohorts)
  • Access to a Digital Learning Center where Coach Reed and Coach Gunny will be placing training videos, courses, certifications, documents, interviews, and more for you to do your own paced learning
  • Access to a private Facebook Mastery Group for 24-7 opportunities to share and learn with each other and with Alums of the REALM
  • Lifetime access to a custom member portal on Working with Parents in Sport website plus copies of each of Gordon McLelland's books for your library
  • Access to Player Development Project member resources
  • Webinars with leading experts covering topics requested by YOU
  • A signed deck of the Positive Discipline Tools for Coaches cards plus discounts on future purchases for your colleagues and teams
  • and much more to come!

Experience does not matter for getting into the REALM. What matters to me, is when you leave you have exponentially grown your experience no matter where you were at the start. 

The more varied the experiences the better!


We have a real soft spot for more than just coaching. If you are a teacher, an activity leader, a team leader, a coach, or anyone who works with and influences children each and every day, I want to help you.

The more varied our backgrounds and experiences, the better the learning!

Much of the interaction is self-directed, like the Facebook group the digital learning portal, and conversations with your cohort. In addition, there will be 3 hours of zoom calls per month with Coach Reed, your cohort, and the larger Mastermind. You will also have 30-60 minute webinars to access regularly. The rest is up to you!

Not much! The internet has made it so easy for us to interact and share across miles and miles, and we will leverage this power for our own learning.

What you do need:

  1. Internet connection (cafes, libraries, public spaces work fine)
  2. A computer or smart device to access the Internet and our digital portions
  3. A microphone (you may want headphones too, but don't spend a lot of money, usually the ones with your phone work well)
  4. A way to video yourself coaching (your phone works great)
  5. A would highly recommend a microphone for when you record your sessions...the sound can. be difficult if recording from a distance using the mic on the device)
  6. A great attitude, willingness to share, and excitement to learn.

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Let's do a call and see if we can't talk about what you need and what your long-term goals are. Even if it is not with the realm, I can help you find the right resources.

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Join a group of passionate and driven coaches for a first class mentorship and a one-of-a-kind mastermind experience!

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